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SmartMed: Smart Robotic Medicine Pill Dispenser using Arduino

In the modern context of living, an average individual works 8 hours a day and spends most of their time traveling and in his/her workplace, which makes them too busy to focus on their own health. This modern-day way of living will affect the human lives by not being able to focus and track what nutrition they’re taking and what should be done to reach their health goals. While nutrition deficiencies can be eliminated by using Vitamin supplements, if the person is too busy to know when and what supplements should be taken in order to be healthy is an issue. This issue can be addressed by asking a third-party to hand out the proper vitamins at the proper time. But for an average person this cannot be the optimal solution. To address this issue in an optimum way, a machine that dispenses vitamins at a proper time is needed. Thus, the SmartMed was born. SmartMed will help the user take proper vitamins at the proper time, as well as track their health status to help them achieve their health goals.

SmartMed consists of three parts, a device, an Android application (SmartMed Remote) and a web application. User will be able to use the device with the help of the Android application which will allow the user to communicate with the device in order to dispense and load vitamins. Additionally, it will allow the user to set a timer to dispense the vitamins, track the vitamin consumption over a month and to find out the ideal vitamin dosage the user should consume. The web application (SmartMed Web) provides the user options to track their overall physical health. It will allow the user to check their current health status and the path he should take to achieve a customized health goal according to the information the user has provided.


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