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GymPal is a Gym Management Software which helps gym instructors, coaches and fitness teachers to keep track of their studio and members which basically helps them manage their fitness center easily.

How does it help the gym?

GymPal will decrease your workload significantly, you no longer need to keep written records of your members’ health, workouts, payments or attendance. They’ll be all accessible with one click of a button. Also, your members will pay you in time with our state of the art notification system. You will be alerted of the unpaid member visits and your members will be too.

What does it offer the members in the gym?

GymPal gives you access to a free mobile application to track your health and many more if your fitness center uses GymPal software. More over your fitness coach will be more informed about your health thanks to our powerful analytics, they will be able to serve you better.

Who can use GymPal?

Anyone who teaches health or fitness related subjects to a set of students can use GymPal to manage them. It may include, Gyms, Fitness coaches, Yoga studios, Karate classes, Boxing classes, Dancing classes or it can even be a sports club.