SmartMed: Smart Robotic Medicine Pill Dispenser using Arduino

In the modern context of living, an average individual works 8 hours a day and spends most of their time traveling and in his/her workplace, which makes them too busy to focus on their own…

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GymPal: Gym Management System

GymPal is a Gym Management Software which helps gym instructors, coaches and fitness teachers to keep track of their studio and members which basically helps them manage their fitness center easily. Visit How does…

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UNO Randomizer: An app to set random rules to your Wild cards.

With the latest UNO Game by Mattel, you get 4 Blank Cards so you can assign your own rules. Why ruin the blank cards with one specified outcome when you can have many outcomes chosen…

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Sri Lanka Border Ribbon

Showcase your ‘Sri Lankanness’ with the Sri Lankan Flag Ribbon on your website footer. It’s an easy to implement footer ribbon to show how much Sri Lankan you are. Best suited for a product Made…

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